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Bottled Water

Different Types

Different Types of Bottled Water

The popularity of bottled water has grown remarkably in recent years, and has virtually become the symbol for healthy beverages. There are hundreds of bottled water companies in the US today, producing over 600 brands of bottled water. Surveys estimate that close to 20 percent of American households use bottled water as their primary or only source of water, but can you tell the difference between the various types of bottled water in the market? Staying Hydrated With different types of water

Here is a look at the different types of bottled water:

  • Mineral waterIt is obtained from underground sources and contains a minimum of 250ppm of dissolved salts. There are various minerals contained in this types of water, including iron, sodium, and calcium.
  • Sparkling waterThis is carbonated water, meaning that it contains CO2 that produces the “fizz” in soda. The water is carbonated either naturally or mechanically, whereby carbon dioxide is added to ordinary tap water.
  • Still waterThis refers to any type of water without Co2 or the fizz. It could refer to normal tap water or water bottled in large containers.
  • Seltzer waterThis water is typically used to make baby formula, though it is also consumed by individuals with immune-compromised systems. It must meet FDA processing requirements for commercial sterility.
  • De-mineralized or distilled waterThis refers to tap water that has been treated to eliminate virtually all minerals and sodium that is naturally occurring in water.