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Tempurature of Your Water

What is better?

Drink your water at the right temperature – Avoid Ice water

Water loses action and reaction when it is excessively cold or hot, and these extremes can actually harm your body.

When you drink excessively hot or cold water and it enters your digestive system, the digestion process is delayed until the right temperature is attained. For instance, when you take ice cold water on a hot summer day, the body is forced to metabolize and use energy to warm up the liquid so its temperature matches that of the body. This process robs your body off the energy it would have used to properly process the food you have consumed. Your digestive system begins to work on regulating the temperature of ingested fluids (which takes about 20-30 minutes) instead of extracting useful nutrients from the food.

Studies also revealed another problem with taking cold water: as the liquid passes through your digestive system, the cool temperature causes the fat in consumed food to solidify, making it difficult to digest unwanted fats. The excessive cold also causes tonsils in the throat to get infected easily. Formation of phlegm increases, which makes it hard to treat allergies, coughs, asthma, or sinusitis with continued consumption of fridge water.

It is also important that you drink clean purified water and the waterboy whole home water system gives you the best tasting water.

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