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Hosting For the Holidays?

Don't let them suffer from hard water

Hosting for the Holidays? Don’t Let Them Suffer from Hard Water

You love your family, but hosting siblings, parents, or (gasp!) the in-laws over the holidays can be stressful. Even after putting your home through a deep-clean, buying brand new sheets, and finally figuring out where that funky odor was coming from in the fridge, you still feel like you’re missing something.

Well, if you haven’t done anything about your hard water, then you have missed something! Southern California is hard water central. You may have gotten used to it, but your relatives will notice the difference when they shower, wash their clothes, or tactfully ignore the cloudy spots on your glasses.

We’re not saying you should purchase and install a WATERBOY system just to impress your out-of-town family. You should buy it for yourself so that you can enjoy amazingly soft, pristinely filtered water throughout the year. If you just so happen to get the system before the holidays, then that’s one less thing your mother-in-law can passively aggressively complain about over dinner.

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