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Energy Consumption

How much goes into making a water bottle

How Much Energy Went into making your plastic Water Bottle?

Do you have plastic water bottles in your fridge, or a whole case sitting your garage? Maybe there’s one in your hand right now. Water bottles are convenient and ubiquitous. According to the Ban the Bottle website, the average American uses 167 water bottles per year. That really adds up, especially when you consider that a bottle of water is much more than just the liquid it carries.

Plastics are made of oil, and it takes a significant amount of energy to turn oil into plastic as well as ship, store, and cool all of that bottled water. Ready for some depressing statistics? Ban The Bottle has them aplenty. Making enough water bottles to satisfy the U.S. market requires 17 million barrels of oil, which could fuel up to 1.3 million cars a year. The energy to create these bottles could power 190,000 homes.

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