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Dry Skin

How to prevent it

Reasons to Drink Purified Water – Dry Weather Causes of your Skin

Find out the 10 causes for dry skin in winter weather. The following article will give you things to watch out for and it is also very important to drink a lot of purified clean water to hydrate your skin.

The following article except from

“Dry skin is one of the most common conditions I see in my office. In fact, most of us at one time or another have dry skin somewhere on our bodies, in the form of flaky patches, cracked skin, and, in more severe cases, itchy red patches (a condition called eczema). Luckily, many causes of dry skin are within our control, and with some extra effort we can alleviate the symptoms, prevent it from coming back, and help our skin look and feel softer, smoother, and more beautiful.

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