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Water on a Hike

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The Best Water for Drinking on a Hike

People classify water into various types depending on its source or properties, such as river water, municipal water, cold water, warm water, fridge water, chilled, water, mineral water, and so on, and consume it according to your own comfort. But is there a particular type that is best for human consumption?

A trip to developing nations and you find that people living in urban areas typically only drink filtered and sterilized water. However, they do not have the immunity found in hard working people in the countryside. Although they store their food in sophisticated equipment, keep their utensils clean, wash their vegetables thoroughly, eat more fruit, and drink sterilized water, research shows that they are unlikely to ward off infections and fevers, because they have a weak immunity system. There is nothing wrong with bottled water, but when they drink normal water, they tend to suffer from cold, fever, or throat pain.

On the other hand, those consuming other types of water tend to develop a defense mechanism in their body (anti-bodies) that helps to fight against such diseases. The anti-bodies are constantly on guard to attack harmful bacteria that intrude your body. So, should you start drinking murky water?

What is important is that you continue drinking the same water you always do: from the same source. So, the next time you go on your next hike, make sure you can find your bottle of water from your whole home water filtration system.