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Water for your Baby's Skin

Why to use purified water

Use Clean and Pure Water for your Baby’s Skin

Wonder why your baby’s skin is dry,  cut back the bath time and make sure you are using water that is clean and pure.

Bathing dries a child’s skin because it removes the skin’s natural oils along with the dirt. But as long as you take a few precautions, even daily baths shouldn’t be a problem

Instead of a 30-minute bath, cut bath time down to about 10 minutes. Use warm water – not hot – and soap up sparingly. In fact, Orlow suggests using a fragrance-free, soap-free cleanser, which is much less harsh than regular soap.

Let your child have her playtime in the tub before you wash her, so she won’t be sitting in soapy water. And don’t leave the cleansing bar floating in the tub. You’ll probably want to cut bubble baths out of your child’s routine – or at least limit them to special occasions.

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