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Waterboy Well Water Treatment

Superior Water has been installing well water treatment systems for over 20 years. After reviewing a well water report , we determine what is needed to remove in the water , and then how to effectively treat the water for your  home, without using a lot of excess chemicals.

Our Water test kit can determine what the levels of iron, bacteria, manganese, nitrates, TDS , hardness and others are in your water. We then sit down with you to discuss what system will work best for your water.

We can recommend many alternatives to water softeners, like iron filters, anion resin filters, ultraviolet systems, Reverse Osmosis, nitrate filters and more.

Superior Water will also set up a service schedule to check  your system and the quality of your water


“Before installing the Superior well system, I could only use water from this well for irrigation because it stained everything with iron and smelled bad from manganese. Now I use the well water for my entire home and enjoy it for drinking straight from the tap.”

-William S Winterton Julian, California