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Commercial Install

Superior Water has installed over 10,000 WaterBoys residentially and many commercial applications for the following:


Condo/Apartment Buildings – Water filtration for drinking and bathing and significantly reduces scale and corrosion in dishwashers and pipes.

Corporate Facilities – Eliminates mineral deposition on heaters, boilers, and cooling towers.

Department Stores – Eliminates lime scale on boilers and cooling towers. Water filtration for restaurants and significantly reduces spotting.

Industrial Facilities – Eliminates the use of descaling agents and algaescides for boilers and cooling towers. Eliminates mineral deposition and increases energy efficiency.

Providing fresh, clean high quality water for facilities like these, enable us to continue to provide southern California with the best Water Filtration and Conditioning systems.

Location Installs:

  • 464 Prospect Condominiums
  • San Diego Ice Arena
  • Tortilla Factory Install
  • Tortilla Factory Commercial R.O
  • SDSU Medical Center