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Cactus vs. Purified Water

Which is better?

Drinking from your Cactus Plants – Better to drink Purified water

There is a new wave of plain old water alternatives, such as coconut water, positioning themselves as substitutes for conventional sports drinks, and boasting additional health benefits. Each of these drinks contains a distinct flavor and nutritional profile, and particularly interesting one is Cactus Water.

Unlike other new waters drawn directly from fruit or tree, cactus water requires processing. It comprises water, natural flavors, and a prickly pear extract. While cactus is an unusual source of water, research shows that taking cactus water before going on a drinking spree can reduce the symptoms of a hangover, including a dry mouth and nausea.

This effect is attributed to the nature of antioxidants found in prickly pear extract, known as betalains. Unfortunately, this extract does not address the issue of hangover headaches, so you will still have to moderate yourself, and take water in-between your drinks to stay hydrated and prevent a hangover.

It is still better to drink purified water and especially water from a whole house water system.