Refer a Friend For A Gift Card!

Refer a Friend For A Gift Card!

Refer a Friend For A Gift Card!

Superior Water

Dear Waterboy Customer,

In these very uncertain and challenging times, Superior Water is still available for services and installs. We are so happy your family made the decision to install a Waterboy Whole House System. You can rest assured that you and your family will always have clean, healthy drinking and showering water in your home. This also eliminates the problem of having to go out and buy bottled water or stand in lines at the store.

As you might know, Superior Water  has built its business on references from our happy customers telling their neighbors, friends, and family the many advantages of owning a Waterboy Whole House system. If you would be so kind, pass along how pleased you are with your Waterboy to friends and family who may also be interested in improving their water. They can email or call us directly, and please have them mention your name so they can get a special referral discount. In return, we will send you a referral GIFT CARD when they get their Waterboy installed.

Here are the major benefits of the Waterboy System:

· Clean water from every faucet without removing essential minerals

· Reduces chlorine, chloramines, metals, chemicals, dirt/organic matter and much more

· No bottled water, no salt bags to buy.

· Reduces scale and corrosion in plumbing & appliances

· No Maintenance or filter changes 10-15 years (Waterboy cleans itself)

· Free Water Testing

· Family Owned and Operated since 1996

· Worry-Free Warranty

· Made in the USA – NSF / EPA approved

Thank You for your trust in our company and products and we wish you safe and healthy months ahead.

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“Water, the way it was meant to be”