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Why is the Waterboy Whole House Water Filtration System the right choice?


Superior Water is a family owned and operated company for over 26 years and services residential, commercial and Industrial customers.



The Benefits of the Waterboy System: Healthy Water

The WATERBOY Whole House System Uses State-of-the-Art Technology to Bring Fresh, Clean Mountain Spring Water Right to Your Tap.

"Creating my own safe filtered water gives me less exposure to others"

“I have a whole home system from Superior Water and creating my own safe filtered water gives me less exposure to others waiting in line for their ration of "bottled water" My "updated" WATERBOY System along with (social distancing) is a win / win!"
-Dr Alan Schoengold MD

That's why I called the experts at Superior Water
800-S U P E R I O R / 800-300-5551 / 888-WATERBOY

What an amazing team you have. From Joe ordering and delivering to Jade reminding us to tell the Owners the day before to extreme experienced and professionals as George and Jose. Thank you for a TERRIFIC job in installing a whole house system and a fluoride tank. Such conscientious help! So appreciated. ”
“We still have better than bottled water from every tap in our home. The biggest difference right now, I’m filling gallon water bottles to go for family members. They no longer run to Costco for water. Thanks”
-Leonard Villarreal

Reduce Limescale Buildup

Helps to prevent limescale buildup.

Reduces Hard Water Problems

No need for adding salt or chemicals.

No Maintenance

No maintenance for 10-15 years, based on size of unit. Upgrade options available at that time.

Refreshed Skin Feeling

Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean and leaves the hair feeling silky. Reduces skin problems like eczema, dry skin & dehydration.

Keep Essential Minerals

Filters out chemicals, additives & contaminants, keeping essential minerals, giving the water a great taste.


Reduces Bad Taste

Reduces bad taste and odors from every faucet, bath and shower in the house.

Entirely Self-Contained

State of the art technology. No maintenance for over 15 years.

No Wasted Water

Backflushed water can be recycled to lawn garden or drain.

Extends the life of plumbing and appliances

Descales limescale buildup on plumbing and appliances. Reduces pinhole leaks.

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Why is Waterboy the right choice?

Superior Water is a family owned and operated company for over 26 years and services residential, commercial and Industrial customers

Family Owned & Operated

Highest Quality

No Maintenance

24/7 Service & Support

Family Picture Superior Water

Dedicated Service

Superior Water is a family owned and operated water technology company that has been proudly serving residential and commercial customers throughout the community since 1996.

We care about our customers’ and our staff’s health and safety.


Drink Healthy Water

Standard of Excellence

Our patented Waterboy Whole House System continues to be the most recommended American made water system in California. Providing the highest quality components and technology.  We offer regular checkups.



Clear Bath Water

The Waterboy Promise

The Waterboy Whole House Water Filtration System gives you clean, fresh filtered and conditioned water without the slippery, slimy feeling of a water softener. With no salt or additives, you can enjoy the best in alkaline quality water. The taste and feel of your water will be remarkably better within days of installation.

Our Waterboy Products

Superior Water prides itself on quality products, offering a vast selection of water systems all built with the highest grade components. Serving the Communities of San Diego County, Riverside County, Palm Springs, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Thousand Oaks & Surrounding areas.

Waterboy 948 SXT

  • 9″ x 54″ System:

  • Ideal for 800 /1,600 Sq. Ft.:


Waterboy 2000 SXT

  • 10″ x 60″ System:

  • Ideal for 1,600 / 2,500 Sq. Ft.:


Waterboy 3000 SXT

  • 12″ x 58″ System:

  • Ideal for 2,500 / 3,500 Sq. Ft.:


Waterboy 4000 SXT

  • 13″ x 60″ System:

  • Ideal for 3,500 / 4,500 Sq. Ft.:


Waterboy 5000 SXT

  • 14″ x 71″ System:

  • Ideal for 4,500 / 6,000 Sq. Ft.:


Waterboy 7000 SXT

  • 16″ x 71″ System:

  • Ideal for 6,000 / 12,000 Sq. Ft.:


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Maintenance Free

Happy Customers Reviews

Our best asset is our customers– thousands of satisfied customers who have made the change to fresh, clean great tasting water with their Waterboy system.

Edward Inskeep, PhD

This summer I had a water cleaner and an on demand water heater.  I would like you to know my experiences with your company.  The sales person was honest and complete about all to expect.  There are my experiences. The on demand heater is wonderful and meets my needs and gas demands more conservatively. It is responsive for my showers.

The water filtering is fantastic.  The installation of the heater and water filter were both done beautifully.  The copper work in the installations looks more like they were done by an expert jeweler and they work well. The water filter has cleaned up almost all of my encrustation on the bathroom faucets and toilet. Some will never finish because it was too damaged earlier but is so much cleaner and looks almost brand new. I thank you for having such great workers to meet the needs of my home.

Nat B.

San Diego, CA

Had a Waterboy system installed by Superior Water Co. 13 years ago.  It was time to upgrade. After calling several companies and comparing prices, called SW and spoke to Reynaldo.  He answered all of our questions and was able to set up an appointment within a week. Tommy the installer was great, well actually he was fantastic.  This company has top notch service, also very professional and friendly.  Woold highly recommend to anyone.

Leslie C

San Diego, CA

Thanks for calling Julia. We love the Waterboy.  George was wonderful as were you.  What a great experience from the first contact to the last.  Have a great day.


San Diego, CA

I just wanted to send you a thank you note for the great service I have received from you over the last eleven years.

Any time I needed assistance in technical or non technical questions regarding the Water Boy 4000 I have at my house, you were gracious to answer.

The good part, in the eleven years I have owned the filtration system I never needed a repair of any sort. That speaks of the quality of the Water Boy.


San Diego, CA

I would like to thank Superior Water for the assistance. I wasn’t expecting a call back on Sunday, however it was so nice to receive such incredible customer service.

My husband and I are delighted with our WATERBOY and feel it is one of the best decisions we ever made in upgrading our house. Our water is so delicious that I don’t buy bottled water and feel I am contributing to protecting our planet from more excess plastic waste.

The WATERBOY is a great thing for our health and the health of our planet, and your high level of customer service is much appreciated.

Jaime Tan  

WATERBOY  Customer since 2006

I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Mr. Peter Carlisi (“WATERBOY” Co=founder) professionalism, knowledge and the human connections to his customer which I believed is one most important thing of his success, that I will continue to seek his service when the needs arise.

Peter, always make himself available whenever I requested for assistance. I totally appreciate the  honesty  that I  feel every time I request for assistance. Knowing Peter I am sure that I am just one of those many clientele that he serviced, had many good things to say about his character. It always help to know that the service person is of total control of the situation.   It give me the  pleasure to acknowledge excellence.

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