Well-Water Systems

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Well System Water Filtration

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Treating Your Well-Water

There are many concerns when using well-water. We can help you guard against:

  1. Coliform, E. coli bacteriaWell Water Whole Home Filtration System
  2. Iron bacteria /sulfur bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas – a symptom of water contamination.
  3. Extremely high TDS – Total dissolved solids – which are minerals and other solids in the water.
  4. Hardness – minerals that ruin fixtures and plumbing.
  5. Manganese
  6. Nitrates as N
  7. Uranium

Superior Water prides itself on delivering effective solutions to customers that live on difficult well water. We recommend getting a well water test report done and our specialist can work with you on the best treatment for your particular well.

Well Water Check Report

Some of the technology we employ to treat well water includes:

  • Iron Breakers
  • Anion Resin Tanks
  • UV Light
  • Backwashing greensand

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