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Lots of happy customers are enjoying great water every day with a Waterboy system. You can too!

Our best asset is our customers — thousands of satisfied customers who have made the change to fresh, clean, and great tasting water with their Waterboy system.

For them, poor taste, odors, the feeling of “can’t rinse off the soap” and damaging mineral deposits in pipes and appliances, are all things of the past.

Edward Inskeep, PhD

This summer I had a water cleaner and an on demand water heater.  I would like you to know my experiences with your company.  The sales person was honest and complete about all to expect.  There are my experiences. The on demand heater is wonderful and meets my needs and gas demands more conservatively. It is responsive for my showers.

The water filtering is fantastic.  The installation of the heater and water filter were both done beautifully.  The copper work in the installations looks more like they were done by an expert jeweler and they work well. The water filter has cleaned up almost all of my encrustation on the bathroom faucets and toilet. Some will never finish because it was too damaged earlier but is so much cleaner and looks almost brand new. I thank you for having such great workers to meet the needs of my home.

Nat B.

San Diego, CA

Had a Waterboy system installed by Superior Water Co. 13 years ago.  It was time to upgrade. After calling several companies and comparing prices, called SW and spoke to Reynaldo.  He answered all of our questions and was able to set up an appointment within a week. Tommy the installer was great, well actually he was fantastic.  This company has top notch service, also very professional and friendly.  Woold highly recommend to anyone.

Leslie C

San Diego, CA

Thanks for calling Julia. We love the Waterboy.  George was wonderful as were you.  What a great experience from the first contact to the last.  Have a great day.


San Diego, CA

I just wanted to send you a thank you note for the great service I have received from you over the last eleven years.

Any time I needed assistance in technical or non technical questions regarding the Water Boy 4000 I have at my house, you were gracious to answer.

The good part, in the eleven years I have owned the filtration system I never needed a repair of any sort. That speaks of the quality of the Water Boy.


San Diego, CA

I would like to thank Superior Water for the assistance. I wasn’t expecting a call back on Sunday, however it was so nice to receive such incredible customer service.

My husband and I are delighted with our WATERBOY and feel it is one of the best decisions we ever made in upgrading our house. Our water is so delicious that I don’t buy bottled water and feel I am contributing to protecting our planet from more excess plastic waste.

The WATERBOY is a great thing for our health and the health of our planet, and your high level of customer service is much appreciated.

Jaime Tan  

WATERBOY  Customer since 2006

I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Mr. Peter Carlisi (“WATERBOY” Co=founder) professionalism, knowledge and the human connections to his customer which I believed is one most important thing of his success, that I will continue to seek his service when the needs arise.

Peter, always make himself available whenever I requested for assistance. I totally appreciate the  honesty  that I  feel every time I request for assistance. Knowing Peter I am sure that I am just one of those many clientele that he serviced, had many good things to say about his character. It always help to know that the service person is of total control of the situation.   It give me the  pleasure to acknowledge excellence.

Drew F.

Glendale, CA

Superior Water really is superior. Our laundry is cleaner, our water is tastier. We are happier. Thanks so much!

Shauna C.

Ventura, CA

No more bottled water for us! We have this amazing system at our house and couldn’t be happier!

Lillian F.

Pico Riviera

The staff at Waterboy is amazing! Thank you Peter for everything, we will definitely recommend you to our family and friends!

Marco N.

San Clemente, Orange County

We enjoy our showers and drinking water now. Our kids (and pets) approve!

William K.

Tustin, Orange County

The system is maintenance free which is a big plus for our family. The filtration system works great; we smell and feel how clean the water is.

Jeanmarie – Flagg Construction

San Diego, CA

What an amazing team you have. From Joe ordering and delivering to Jade reminding us to tell the Owners the day before to extreme experienced and professionals as George and Jose. Thank you for a TERRIFIC job in installing a whole house system and a fluoride tank.  Such conscientious help! So appreciated.

Ramon S.

Simi Valley, CA

We have 3 daughters and since we got the Waterboy installed, they stopped complaining that their hair felt “gross” after showers. Thanks for making my girls happy!

Jenna O.

Santa Clarita, CA

The way the system works is great: You don’t have to worry about maintenance since it flushes weekly. I give them a five star review.

Dr. Richard D. Weber

Research Scientist

In the studies I have made evaluating water systems, the one that most closely simulates the earth’s natural filtration process is the Waterboy™ system from Superior Water. It has a means of filtering out the bad and yet sparing the good minerals….They have one of the largest carbon systems I have seen to date.

Barbara J.

Encino, CA

We recently moved ordered another Waterboy for our new home. We are staying with these guys for life! They don’t joke when they say the water tastes delicious! Thank You!

Vanessa L.

Bell Canyon, CA

We are so happy with our Waterboy! The installers are so knowledgeable and helpful, they left the garage in perfect condition, were friendly and walked us through the backflush. Great job!

Daniel P.

Camarillo, CA

Wow, what can I say? We never knew just how delicious drinking water could be from the tap, and it controls the hard water so good. Go Waterboy!


San Diego, CA

Thank you Superior Water!  The installation of both units was flawless. James was absolutely incredible. He worked by himself the entire day and into the evening to get it the install completed for us.

Tom and I are so excited to have our new systems in place – A huge thank you to James for his expertise, excellent customer service and great attitude.


San Diego, CA

This note is simply to let you know that your representative (Ismael) exhibited exceptional professionalism while performing the removal and installation of our water boy system.  He is a superior representative of your firm.  Thank you.

Leonard Villarreal

Waterboy Filtration Customer

Hello,  We still have better than bottled water from every tap in our home. The biggest difference right now, I’m filling gallon water bottles to go for family members. They no longer run to Costco for water!  Thanks

Dinh Family

Happy WaterBoy Customer

I love the way my hands feel when I wash them, and the water tastes great. We have had our Waterboy for over 12 years now and it’s been a wonderful  system for us.

Scott Simpson

U.S. Open Champion

My entire family loves it, our water tastes better, my wife loves the way the water feels in the shower and the way our clothes are clean and soft after we do the wash.

Dr. Alan Schoengold

Research Scientist

When I first moved here to Southern California from New York, I was surprised at the hardness and the taste of the water. I began to search for a system that would solve these problems, and after some time, finally found it in the WATERBOY system from Superior Water.

Paul Allen


Am I glad I purchased the WATERBOY system. Our house is rather large, so we use a lot of water. We realized the difference right away, our water tastes better and feels smoother. The Superior Water installers were nice and on time, they knew what they were doing. First-rate professionals all the way.

Tahnee M

La Jolla, CA

The Waterboy Whole House Water Filtration system is the best water available for your family. We have raised 3 sons on the Waterboy water and continue to enjoy filling up our cups and showering with fresh, clean mountain spring water!

Catie Norris

Owner, Malibu Health and Wellness Center

As a concerned health advocate and after doing my research, I installed a WATERBOY for my family, so that all the water coming out of the taps in my house have fresh, clean filtered water.

Charles P

La Mesa, CA

My Waterboy is nearly perfect. With the latest control box, it truly is set it up, turn it on, and forget it. There haven’t been any water worries for years. And, the convenience of pure water from any tap in the house is an immeasurable convenience.


Pleasanton, CA

Last February I purchased a WATERBOY 3000 and had it installed at my house in Pleasanton… All summer, the plant grew to immense proportions to the point we were referring to it as the “Green Monster”. It continued to grow and put out a tremendous crop of fruit well into early November! It only stopped with the first frost and I finally had to remove it today.”

“The only reason I can think of for this unusual productivity and longevity is the consistent watering using the backflush. Pleasanton is known for its mineral laden water and the backflush must be heavily concentrated with these minerals. Although the ‘Green Monster’ limited access to the garage, I plan to replant another tomato next year and hope to get the same results. I’m pleased with the filtration the WATERBOY is providing for my tap water and thought I share the side benefit with you.

Mark L

El Cajon, CA

I had the first version of the Waterboy for fifteen+ years…great feeling water, great tasting…got rid of the water softener and back breaking bags of salt. We got the upgraded system a few weeks ago… I knew it was good..but I can truly taste the difference..even better! And zero maintenance…Amen!

Robert F

San Diego, CA

By far the BEST and HEALTHIEST water filter system you can have. So good I bought one for my daughter and son so my grandchildren will not be poisoned by San Diego (Colorado River) water. You will never regret your purchase of the Superior Water Conditioning System; it is an investment in your health now and for the future.

Paul L

University City, San Diego, CA

My wife and I were looking for a water conditioner due to her skin itching with normal city tap water. Neither of us like the soft water produced by water softeners so we searched for a better alternative. We attended the then Del Mar Fair about 9 years ago and found the Waterboy on display. We spoke with the owner, Pete Scarlisi, and a few weeks later had it installed. Within a couple of weeks my Wife’s skin stopped itching and the water tasted a lot better. The unit is maintenance free and is portable. we sold the original house we had it in and brought it with us to our new home. We use the water the unit flushes to help water our garden because it is full of nutrients that plants love. All things considered this is a great unit and we would not want to be without it. Thanks, Superior Water of Poway for a great product that does what you say it will and that you unconditionally stand behind.

Melvyn M

Fallbrook, CA

I’ve had the Waterboy for almost 8 years. The nice thing is that once it’s been installed you never have to worry about the unit. It works great. I tested the water with a kit and it’s perfectly clean. I highly recommend the unit.

Herb C

San Diego, CA

We have had a WaterBoy for many years and it worked flawlessly. Recently we upgraded to the latest WaterBoy to take advantage of all the latest innovations like more efficient self-cleaning cycles… the water tastes great. We also wanted to rid ourselves of fluoride and Peter Carlisi recommended a solution… so we got their RO unit with an alkaline booster to get rid of fluoride and create healthy alkaline water. Everything we have purchased from Superior Water has been as advertised, perfect and installed with no hassle.

Carol C

Oceanside, CA

We installed the Waterboy in our home years ago. I never dreamed what a difference it would make on my skin, hair and just about everything in the house! It’s so nice not have to use filtration units on the sink….the water is incredible and everyone who visits notices it. We love it!

Raymond T

San Marcos, CA

We purchased our original system in 2004 and upgraded in 2010. The water is great and the system is maintenance free. The decision to purchase this system was well worth it and eliminated the need for hauling softener salt and for purchasing bottled water!

John C

San Diego, CA

We have had a WATER BOY system for number of years and in that time we have had an uninterrupted supply of drinking water, and easily boiled water with very few worries about deposits in the pots. A superior water purification system!


San Diego, CA

Love our water system installed by Superior Water.  thanks for many years of great service for us and now the upgraded 2013 Model!

Kurt D

La Mesa, CA  

My first Water Boy system was installed in 2006 and I up graded the system March 2012 for water saving improvement during its self cleaning and the improved filtering media in the tank. I also have the back flush / self cleaning water discharge going to my back yard instead of down the drain giving additional water saving feature. The no salt conditioned water is was the major factor in choosing the first system and up grading to the present system. Other benefits besides great tasting water are no mineral build up on the sink fixtures, settlement build up in the bottom or the toilet tank and easy clean up of glass shower doors. Kurt D.

Aly B

Temecula, CA  

The Water Boy System from Superior Water is foolproof and flawless. I had my original system installed years ago and upgraded the system in 2009 to take advantage of the more efficient (water saving) purging/back flush cycle. Before using this system I struggled with the large bags of salt and heavy bottles of water. I now have an endless supply of the best tasting water on the planet. When bathing, doing laundry or running the dishwasher you will be amazed at how little soap it takes to get the job done. The dishes are spotless, the laundry sparkles and your body is free of that slimy, undissolved soap scum. Once installed, you do absolutely nothing to this system. It runs, it maintains itself and it produces the highest quality water you will ever encounter.

Temecula, CA

 Ron Brezic

Escondido, CA

When we put the Waterboy System in years ago, we also put a new hot water tank in our home.  I was going to have a new gas water tank installed at this time, but after discussing this with several people in the plumbing business I decided not to replace the hot water tank.  I verified the condition of our hot water tank and it looks as good as the day it was installed.  I believe the quality of the water produced by the Waterboy System has kept our hot water tank in good condition.  I would recommend this system to everyone.

Thank you for a great system,



Kurt & Kiki D

San Diego, CA

My wife and I purchased our first water system in 2004. Since we were spending so much on bottled water it only made sense to invest in a whole house system. The last time we moved, we were without the system for 1 month (we left the system with the old house) It didn’t take long to realize our “good” water was missing so we bought another one. No longer will we go through the hassle of buying bottled water ever again. The WaterBoy from Superior Water is the best tasting water, bar none. Thanks guys!

David M

Imperial Beach, CA

We’ve had our WaterBoy for over 7 years now. We recently upgraded to the newer model and will be adding the fluoride remover soon. We love the system, had it moved from one house to another, and have never had to think twice about it, it works perfectly – no maintenance!

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