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There Are So Many Benefits to Having A Waterboy Whole House System in Your Home for Your Family’s Water Needs.

The Waterboy whole house system reduces unpleasant chlorine taste and odors and tames hard water problems thorough multi-reversing polarity

Reduce Limescale Buildup

Helps to prevent limescale buildup.

Reduces Hard Water Problems

No need for adding salt or chemicals.

No Maintenance

No maintenance for 10-15 years, based on size of unit. Upgrade options available at that time.

Refreshed Skin Feeling

Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean and leaves the hair feeling silky. Reduces skin problems like eczema, dry skin & dehydration.

Keep Essential Minerals

Filters out chemicals, additives & contaminants, keeping essential minerals, giving the water a great taste.


Reduces Bad Taste

Reduces bad taste and odors from every faucet, bath and shower in the house.

Entirely Self-Contained

State of the art technology. No maintenance for over 15 years.

No Wasted Water

Backflushed water can be recycled to lawn garden or drain.

Extends the life of plumbing and appliances

Descales limescale buildup on plumbing and appliances. Reduces pinhole leaks.

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Maintenance Free