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Happy Customers

Lots of happy customers are enjoying great water every day with a WATERBOY system. You can too!

Our best asset is our customers– thousands of satisfied customers who have made the change to fresh, clean great tasting water with their WATERBOY™ system.

For them, poor taste, odors, the feeling of “can’t rinse off the soap”, damaging mineral deposits in pipes and appliances are all things of the past.

Here’s what a few of them have to say…



“My entire family loves it, our water tastes better, my wife loves the way the water feels in the shower and the way our clothes are clean and soft after we do the wash.”

– Scott Simpson (Pro Golfer)

“It’s a delight to be able to fill a glass with water from the tap, and put ice in it made from the very same water, water that tastes like it came from a cold mountain stream. And on top of that, your appliances last longer. I suggest you call Superior Water and tell them to come fix your water!”

Roger Hedgecock – Syndicated Radio Host

“I’ve done extensive research to find the best available, in particular systems that are alternatives to the chemical systems on the market. I found the WATERBOY™ to be superior to anything else out there. It’s been in use in my own home for more than two years now.”

Tom Hobbs (Water Treatment Specialist)

“When I first moved here to Southern California from New York, I was surprised at the hardness and the taste of the water. I began to search for a system that would solve these problems, and after some time, finally found it in the WATERBOY system from Superior Water.”

Dr. Alan Schoengold

“In the studies I have made evaluating water systems, the one that most closely simulates the earth’s natural filtration process is the WATERBOY system from Superior Water. It has a means of filtering out the bad and yet sparing the good minerals….They have one of the largest carbon systems I have seen to date.”

Dr. Richard D. Weber (Research Scientist)

“As a concerned health advocate and after doing my research, I installed a Waterboy for my family, so that all the water coming out of the taps in my house have fresh, clean filtered water.”

Catie Norris (Owner, Malibu Health and Wellness Center)

“Am I glad I purchased the WATERBOY system. Our house is rather large so we use a lot of water. We realized the difference right away, our water tastes better and feels smoother. The Superior Water installers were nice and on time, they knew what they were doing. First-rate professionals all the way.”

Paul Allen (Homeowner)

“Last February I purchased a Waterboy 3000 and had it installed at my house in Pleasanton… All summer, the plant grew to immense proportions to the point we were referring to it as the “Green Monster”. It continued to grow and put out a tremendous crop of fruit well into early November! It only stopped with the first frost and I finally had to remove it today.

The only reason I can think of for this unusual productivity and longevity is the consistent watering using the backflush. Pleasanton is known for its mineral laden water and the backflush must be heavily concentrated with these minerals. Although the “Green Monster” limited access to the garage, I plan to replant another tomato next year and hope to get the same results. 

I’m pleased with the filtration the Waterboy is providing for my tap water and thought I share the side benefit with you.”

Bob (Pleasanton, CA)