Grow Amazing Tomatoes with Filtered Water

Grow Amazing Tomatoes with Filtered Water

Please take a close look at the two attached photos. Last February I purchased a Waterboy 3000 and had it installed at my house in Pleasanton. If you look at the first photo, you can’t see the filter as it is hidden behind the gray fence. However, if you look closely, you can see the backflush pipe at ground level just to the right of the gate latch. You can also see a small patch of dirt in front of the brick facing where the sewer clean out is located.

Last June, I planted a tomato seedling in that patch of dirt. I took a “T” fitting off the backflush pipe and diverted about a third of the flow into the plot for weekly watering. The short piece of PVC you can see was capped and holes drilled in it to distribute the water.

Now look at the second photo which was taken on December 9th. All summer, the plant grew to immense proportions to the point we were referring to it as the “Green Monster”. It continued to grow and put out a tremendous crop of fruit well into early November! It only stopped with the first frost and I finally had to remove it today.

The only reason I can think of for this unusual productivity and longevity is the consistent watering using the backflush. Pleasanton is known for its mineral laden water and the backflush must be heavily concentrated with these minerals. Although the “Green Monster” limited access to the garage, I plan to replant another tomato next year and hope to get the same results.

I m pleased with the filtration the Waterboy is providing for my tap water and thought I share the side benefit with you.