What is KDF with Iron and Chlorine Removal?

What is KDF with Iron and Chlorine Removal?

Founded in 1984, KDF Fluid Treatment extends a water system’s life and takes away iron, chlorine and other harmful contaminants.  It is also non toxic cheaper in the long run because there is less maintenance for the system. 98% of contaminants are removed with the system. The system eliminates any present scaling which was formed from previous water systems.   As the water evaporates, the dissolved minerals get concentrated which interferes with proper back flushing. KFDF Media changes the crystalized structures so back flushing becomes easier. It is used in hospitals, restaurants and more and more homes nowadays. It is recyclable without any chemical additives. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), uses it as an anti-pesticide device because they realized how valuable it is when sued specifically in carbon filters.

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KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) process media is a primary and pre-treatment solution that can be used in residential and industrial water filtration to reduce a wide spectrum of contamination issues.

KDF filters successfully extend the filter life and increase the performance of organic based media and maintain their efficacy even at high water temperatures.

The media produces an electrochemical reaction with the result of changing harmful water contaminants into harmless components that can be easily removed.

To better understand the inner workings of KDF, we’re going to examine how KDF process media remove contaminants, where are KDF process media used, and the benefits and disadvantages of using KDF water filters.

What is KDF?

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion process media is a zinc-copper alloy that reduces water contaminants through an electrochemical process of oxidation-reduction, known otherwise as the redox process.

It’s available in different granule forms such as the KDF 55 fine granule medium, which is best at reducing and removing chlorine and soluble heavy metals, or KDF-F fine mesh granules, which are incorporated into carbon blocks to enhance their efficiency and prolong their service life.

KDF can be used in conjunction with other filters either as a water pre-treatment solution or as a primary filter.