What is Water Conditioning?

What is Water Conditioning?

Waterboy-2000-SXTWhat is Water Conditioning?

If you’ve been looking at our WATERBOY whole house water filtration system, then you know that our system offers three stages of filtration and a final stage of conditioning. What is water conditioning and how does it affect your water?

When your tap water goes through the WATERBOY system, our three layers of filters pull out impurities, such a dirt, sediment, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and disinfectants. Your water is now clean, but it still may be “hard,” meaning that minerals may still exist in the water that can affect the water’s taste, stain your clothes and dishes, and feel rough on your skin when you shower.

In the final conditioning stage, the WATERBOY system actually realigns the polarity of the minerals in the water to restructure them. This dramatically softens the water. You will notice that your water tastes fresher, that your glasses don’t come out of the washer looking streaked, and that your white linens don’t turn yellow after multiple washings.

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