Are you Giving Your Pets Unhealthy Water?

Are you Giving Your Pets Unhealthy Water?

Are You Giving Your Pets Unhealthy Water?

If you wouldn’t let your children drink tap water, then why are you allowing your precious pets to unknowingly lap it up? Sure, your pets don’t know any better, but you sure do. Tap water is generally safe to drink, but it doesn’t go through the rigorous filtration process of bottled watered or filtered water.

If you happen to be using a salt-based soft water system in your home, then you absolutely must filter water before giving it to the humans, felines, or canines in your household. (Along with any other furry, feathered, or scaled family members.)

Your pets are your family, from your happy pup who greets you at the door, to your child’s beloved gerbil. Keep them healthy and hydrated with clean water. Consider installing a WATERBOY System in your house, which soften all the water in your home and purifies it too. The next time your purry cat curls up on your lap, you’ll know it’s money well spent.

Superior Water prides itself on quality products, offering a vast selection of water systems built with the highest-grade components. All components in the Waterboy are NSF certified for potable water. 

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