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Hard Water & Your Clothes

Don't let it ruin them

Care for Your Clothes Enough to Not let Hard Water Ruin Them

Even though the water that comes through your faucets and the pipes to your washing machine are regulated by the EPA, it still contains small amounts of minerals and other particulate matter. In Southern California, especially, the water is known to be extremely hard. While these minerals aren’t a big threat to your health, they can be a threat to your clothes!

If you invest a lot in your wardrobe, then you’ll want to take extra good care of your tops, bottoms, and undergarments, as well as other household accessories, like sheets and towels. The minute amount of minerals in unfiltered water can, over time, stain your clothing, especially delicate whites. If you have an expensive white dress shirt, blouse, or even bras, boxers, and underwear, don’t let them wear out before their time.

Investing in a whole home filtration, like Waterboy, doesn’t just make your water cleaner and healthier to drink. It can also give your favorite dress or t-shirt an extended life. Contact us at (800) 300-5551 to learn more about Waterboy today.